The Man Who Loved Books Too Much by Allison Hoover Bartlett



Intrigue, moral turmoil and scandal are integral elements to many a great novel. Turns out they are also central to the plot of book thievery. The Man Who Loved Books Too Much dives right into the industry of rare book dealers and the sentiments that drive people to steal from them. It also serves as a biography of sorts for John Gilkey, the man who stole hundreds of thousands of dollars in books and rare documents prior to his arrest in 2010. At times it is hard to remember that this book is in fact not a work of fiction but steeped in actual events and real people. In this book Allison Hoover Bartlett allots equal focus to the fascinating justifications constructed by Gilkey in his pursuit of his self proclaimed business transactions and to the impact upon the industry as a whole from the dealers’ perspective. This will be a worthwhile read for fans of true crime, books about books, and biographies. Actually, I would recommend it to anyone in need of a book that they can lose themselves in. It is available through the Thunder Bay Public Library in print, large-print and online via Hoopla – just make sure to bring it back to us when you’re done!

Jesse Roberts –

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