If I Forget You by Thomas Christopher Greene


Picture this scene; a beautiful spring day in the city of Manhattan, a man is walking down the street when suddenly he sees the woman he fell in love with 21 years ago only to watch her quickly run away from him after they make eye contact. I don’t read a lot of romance novels but Thomas Christopher Greene’s novel If I Forget You grabbed me with this romantic scene in the first chapter.  Why did the girl run away from him? What happened between these two lovers that caused them to separate? Will they get back together in the end?

If I Forget You is the story of Henry Gold and Margot Fuller who fell in love during their college years.  But due to circumstances beyond their control and conflicting family status, Margot is the daughter of a wealthy family and Henry the son of a poor working class family, they are forced to separate.

Alternating between the years 2012 and 1991, the story is told from the perspective of both characters, a writing style that many authors have embraced lately. I enjoy this type of writing style because I find it keeps the story interesting. Switching between different eras and character voices allows the story to build at a slower pace as the reader learns more about the lives of Henry and Margot in the past and present.

Greene’s novel, as well as his characters, is not complex. It’s a simple, sweet love story beautifully written in lyrical prose. Therefore, if you are looking for something quick and light to read during your summer vacation, then pick up a copy of Greene’s novel If I Forget You.


Lindsey Long

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