Magic: the Gathering Volume 1

magic the gatheringWhen I was younger I played a lot of Magic: the Gathering.  But as time has passed, I’ve kind of lost interest in the actual card game.  But that doesn’t mean I’ve lost interest in the world of Magic.  The multiverse and the various planes they’ve created have been fascinating and a lot of fun.  And some of their planeswalkers (people who can move between the worlds of the multiverse) are incredibly interesting, too.

Take Dack Fayden, the hero of IDW’s Magic: the Gathering comic series which is written by Matt Forbeck (the first issues are collected in Magic: the Gathering Volume 1).  Fayden is a thief.  But not just any thief: he can move between worlds.  So when he steals something, no one can catch him unless they, too, can move between worlds.  How cool is that?

But when Fayden steals a nasty-looking dagger from Ravnica’s Cult of Rakdos, it sends him on a journey to the plane of Innistrad.  There he hopes to pick up the long dead trail of the woman who murdered his entire village.

Magic: the Gathering Volume 1 was a very fast-paced and fun read.  It shows off three planes in the Magic: the Gathering multiverse and hints at a fourth (which we’ll get to see in Volume 2).  The story was unfortunately a bit short, but I’m definitely looking forward to reading more!

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