A Dirge by Eric MacKay


Art thou lonely in thy tomb?
Art thou cold in such a gloom?
Rouse thee, then, and make me room,—
Miserere Domine!


Phantoms vex thy virgin sleep,
Nameless things around thee creep,
Yet be patient, do not weep,—
Miserere Domine!


O be faithful! O be brave!
Naught shall harm thee in thy grave;
Let the restless spirits rave,—
Miserere Domine!


When my pilgrimage is done,
When the grace of God is won,
I will come to thee, my nun,—
Miserere Domine!


Like a priest in flowing vest,
Like a pale, unbidden guest,
I will come to thee and rest,—
Miserere Domine!

George Eric Mackay (1851-1898) was a little know English poet who achieved a moderate amount of success with his collection of works entitled “Letters of a Violinist” (1886).

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