The Care and Management of Lies by Jacqueline Winspear

caremanagementWhen I first saw that Jacqueline Winspear had a new book coming out I assumed it was the next in the Maisie Dobbs series and immediately placed a hold through the Thunder Bay Public Library. To my surprise, The Care and Management of Lies has nothing to do with Maisie Dobbs. While they share similarities in style and historical nature, this book stands strong all on its own. The story is told from alternate perspectives – those of Kezia, Thea and Tom. With strong ties between the main characters, this book has a natural rhythm and is an extremely easy read. Do not mistake that to mean the content and writing are not to be taken seriously. All three characters share their individual and joint experiences on the front and at home during World War One.

With her husband at war, Kezia must maintain the farm and home that they share together. Thea finds redemption in aiding the wounded at the front lines, while Tom battles to stay alive amidst the fear and loneliness that are salved with letters from home. An unexpected feature of this book is that it will also appeal to those interested in reading about food and cooking.  Available in print, ebook, and eaudiobook, this is a wonderful addition to historical fiction focused on the Great War.

Jesse Roberts –

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