Hexed by Kevin Hearne


There are several of us at the library who are in love with Atticus O’Sullivan. Atticus is a cute Irish lad who looks to be in his early twenties. He’s also the last living druid in Kevin Hearne’s Iron Druid Chronicles, making him about 21 centuries old. Atticus has been living in Tempe, Arizona with his Irish wolfhound, Oberon, running a bookshop and hunting with his hound. Atticus went to Arizona in the hopes that the Celtic god Aenghus Og wouldn’t find him. Of course that hope is shattered when Aenghus Og’s faeries track the druid down. But rather than flee, Atticus decides this time he will stand and fight.

Kevin Hearne - Hexed


The consequences of Atticus’s decision to stay in Tempe begin to manifest in Hexed, the second book in the Iron Druid Chronicles. Atticus and a local witch coven led by Malina Sokolowski have been working towards a non-aggression treaty so both parties can live in harmony. But when Atticus and the coven are targeted by a powerful hex, cast by a rival coven, Atticus has to deal with the interloping witches alone. Unfortunately, the rival coven is the least of Atticus’s worries. He also has to help Coyote fight off a fallen angel, plus he has to worry about a group of Bacchants who are heading to Tempe. And many of his friends are refusing to help Atticus deal with these problems, meaning the druid has his hands quite full!


As with everything in the Iron Druid Chronicles, Hexed is a really fun read. If you like curses, chaos, and criminal shenanigans, Hexed is most definitely for you!


Shauna Kosoris is a member of the Thunder Bay Public Library staff.


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