Hounded by Kevin Hearne (Another Rave!)

chronicles It’s hard to live for 2100 years, especially in a world where the gods and monsters from every religion, mythology, cult and culture exist simultaneously. Meet Atticus O’Sullivan, the Irish Druid living in Tempe, Arizona. With his Irish wolfhound who wants to be Genghis Khan, his vampire lawyer with ghouls on speed dial, and the local werewolf pack all by his side, he’s ready to take on vengeful gods, a coven of Polish witches, and hordes of demons.

All good stories require embellishment, and this particular tale is masterfully crafted to be strikingly believable, yet has just the right touch of the mystical feeling that adds so much flavour. Kevin Hearne has created characters so deep and versatile that if you were to visit Tempe, you might expect to see a few of them walking down University Drive. This beautiful chronicle captures the perfect combination of the realistic and the farfetched, the modern and the mystic, the inspirational, the touching, and the hilarious. Hounded is without a doubt one of the best books I have ever read, and I would highly recommend it to any fantasy reader. But, be warned, don’t pick this one up unless you’ve got the time to read it right through, because you won’t be able to put it down.

A review by Hudson Morash

The novel was so loved we included two reviews for you to enjoy. L.


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