The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion

Don Tillman is a geneticist and a genius, unfortunately he has the social skills of a speed bump. When the passing comment of an acquaintance suggests the he’d be a “great husband”, Don creates the “Wife Project”, to find the perfect woman for him with a questionnaire. After meeting with little success, Don lets his friend, Gene,  a married man who’s goal is to sleep with a woman from every country on the planet, choose for him. Into his life breezes, Rosie.
Rosie, is not looking for a husband but wants Don’s help in identifying her biological father. Rosie is none of the things Don is looking for but she’s fiery, intelligent and funny, so the “Wife Project” becomes the “Rosie Project”, as Don and Rosie collaborate in her search and the couple who are so wrong for each other, find love. Rosie is an interesting character for a book that could easily fall in the Chick-lit category, she is an imperfect person but accepts this in both herself and Don and doesn’t try to change Don or spend time agonizing over her own foibles.
There is an amazing sweetness in this book as well as laugh out loud moments, such as the Apricot Ice Cream Disaster. Don’s peculiar behaviour may be Asperger’s related but the author, creates Don as a fleshed out person, not a someone with an illness. The flap cover states that the book began as a screenplay and I for one would love to see it as a film.










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