Rare Birds by Edward Riche

You don’t have to be a bird watcher to fall in love with Rare Birds. This is actually one of the few books that, in my opinion, got turned into an equally entertaining film (2001 starring Rare-BirdsWilliam Hurt and Molly Parker). The book revolves around the plight of The Auk…a restaurant owned by main character Dave Purcell, and named after a rare bird. The restaurant sits atop a remote cliff on the shores of Newfoundland, a location that proves bad for business. The business, along with Dave’s mental health, is failing fast but may just find salvation in the schemes of Dave’s unlikely friend Phonse. From there the story spirals into a deliciously appalling blend of passion and illicit antics.

With a fair share of graphic language, Rare Birds is witty and ridiculous in ways that will have you laughing out loud and get your stomach rumbling for a good meal. I will admit that I watched the movie first before reading the book, and as usual I consider the latter more to my taste. This is a story that is at both ludicrous but wonderful. There are conspiracy theories all over the place, of all shapes and sizes; along with likeable characters and a sharp wit.

Jesse Roberts – http://www.tbpl.ca

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