Shadow’s Master

Recently I posted about Jon Sprunk’s Shadow Saga.  At the time of that posting I had not yet read the final book in the trilogy, Shadow’s Master.  But now I have, and I must say it was a good read.

This time around, Caim is heading even further into the frozen north, looking for his mother.  He learned that she was alive, a prisoner in a citadel called Erebus.  And so, with the help of Kit and a couple of other friends, he sets out into a land where the sun hasn’t shone in twenty years.  The land of the Shadow Lord.

Meanwhile, Josephine has taken an army north in an effort to defend her realm and hopefully find Caim.  Unfortunately, her army is met by a much larger barbarian horde coming South.  At the head of the opposing army is Talus, the Thunder Lord.  And his sorcery has smashed all who have dared resist him.

Unlike the previous two books, Caim doesn’t spend most of his time badly injured.  Sure, he gets cut in a couple of fights, but his injuries do not compare with the bear fight in the second book.  So while Shadow’s Master doesn’t quite continue with Caim having the most rotten luck ever, it is still an excellent book.  The whole trilogy was an enjoyable read and I hope you’ll consider giving it a try!

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