I’ve Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella

To be honest,  I’ve always had mixed feelings about Sophie Kinsella’s work, some stuff I love (ie. Can you keep a Secret?, Twenties Girl…) and some I loath (anything Shopaholic).  When she’s on target, her novels are a fluffy confection of likable, kind-hearted,if a bit dim-witted women who find themselves in utterly ridiculous situations yet who manage to sort things out and find true love.

I’ve Got Your Number, is a fun romp which concerns Poppy Wyatt who loses her heirloom engagement ring and her mobile phone and then finds the cell of the personal assistant of executive Sam Roxton, which she borrows so that she has a contact number in case someone finds her ring.  Sharing the phone number and acting as a pseudo-personal assistant for Sam, Poppy gets caught in business intrigue and a national scandal. Poppy can’t help trying to sort out Sam’s life by making him more personable and Sam helps Poppy be more practical.  The novel is full of unusual characters, including her fiance Magnus and his family, all of whom are internationally known intellectuals , the women at Poppy’s work, Poppy’s evil wedding planner and Sam’s unbalanced girlfriend,Willow.

The novel is at turns funny, tender and frustrating but if you’re in the mood for a fun read, it would make an excellent choice.

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