Foreclosure by Jacqueline D’Acre (Local Author Creates a Mystery)

Local author Jacqueline D’Acre will be formally launching her mystery novel “Foreclosure” at Brodie Library on Feb 1st, 2012 in the Reading Room. For those planning to attend and for others in the mood for a fun mystery, here’s the scoop on the book.

“Foreclosure” is set in the horse breeding world of St. Tremaine Parish, near the city of New Orleans.  Bryn Wiley, an equine columnist has come back home for an assignment only to find a bloodied body in the horse stalls.  Despite the circumstances, Bryn feels in her bones that this is murder and begins her own investigation, which puts her in the path of a killer.  The novel is full of details about the world of big money horse breeding and contains an array of quirky Southern characters, including a Voodoo queen.  The atmosphere of the story and the descriptions of the Southern cooking will make you feel like you’ve taken a vacation, so grab a copy and get reading.

While, Jacqueline hails from Thunder Bay, she spent an number of years in New Orleans as a horse breeder, equine columnist and even hosted her own radio talk show on the subject, so the mystery is full of authenticity.

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