The Next Always by Nora Roberts

It's not a secret that I like Nora Roberts, who occasionally turns out a dud but normally writes pretty solid relationship novels filled with a little magic and a fair amount of humour.  Her new novel, "The Next Always" is the first in a trilogy following the three Montgomery brothers as they renovate a centuries... Continue Reading →

Bone by Jeff Smith

Bone is a surprising read.  It starts out rather silly, following the Bone cousins Fone, Smiley and Phoney in their adventures after being kicked out of Boneville.  Phoney Bone, the master of terrible schemes, was run out of Boneville.   His cousins followed him because the three are a family; they look out for one another. ... Continue Reading →

The Slap, by Christos Tsiolkas

Australia is a wonderfully multicultural country, and as any Australian knows, the Greeks and the Italians represent a major chunk of the ethnic statistics. Generally speaking, if you have an Italian heritage you’ll most likely live in Sydney and if you’re Greek you’ll probably end up in Melbourne. Tsiolkas’s novel, which I recently heard has... Continue Reading →

Tales of the Five Hundred Kingdoms

In recent years fairy tales have become very popular again.  From new TV shows like ABC's Once Upon a Time to movies like Snow White and the Huntsman, fairy tales are everywhere.  According to Edward Kitsis, one of the writers for Once Upon a Time, the reason for this new found popularity has to do... Continue Reading →

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