Masques and Wolfsbane by Patricia Briggs

Masques is Patricia Briggs’ first novel .  It’s been out of print for years but was finally reprinted last fall.  A few months later, Wolfsbane, the sequel to Masques, was printed for the first time ever!  Both books tell the story of Aralorn, a half-blooded shapeshifter, and her mysterious companion Wolf.

In Masques, Aralorn is a spy employed by the city of Sianim.  Believing that the arch mage is going to be attacked, the Sianim Spymaster sends Aralorn to investigate and stop any assassination attempt targeting him.  But what she uncovers is far worse: the arch mage is using forbidden dark magics!

Part of the arch mage’s plan is to spread a web of magic across the land, making everyone love him.  Those few who are immune to his spell, like Aralorn and Wolf, are branded as traitors for even daring to speak against him.  Aralorn and Wolf hide near a secret library in the mountains where they desperately search for a way to stop the arch mage while simultaneously fending off his attacks.  Masques is a fantastic debut novel, full of entertaining characters.  It may not be as polished as her later works, but it is definitely still worth the read!

And luckily for everyone, if you enjoyed the first adventure of Aralorn and Wolf, there is now a

second!  Wolfsbane takes place ten years after Masques.   Aralorn receives news of her father’s death and finally returns home.  But once there, she makes a shocking discovery: the Lyon of Lambshold isn’t dead!  Her father was enchanted as a way to lure Aralorn home.  But who is responsible?  All the evidence points to someone from the past.  Someone long dead…

So if you’re looking for a couple of great adventures, be sure to give the adventures of Aralorn and Wolf a try! Shauna

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