Gwenhwyfar is Mercedes Lackey’s take on the tale of King Arthur.  The book grew out of her research into the Welsh legends where she encountered a curious passage that lists Arthur’s three queens (all named Gwenhwyfar), and another mention of the “false” or “lesser” Guinevere, whom Arthur loved most.

Gwenhwyfar is the story of Arthur’s third queen.  As a child, Gwenhwyfar is presented with a choice: she can learn the ways of Power or she can learn the ways of the Warrior.  Ultimately, Gwen chooses to train as a warrior and is determined to be one of her father’s war chiefs.

But after Arthur has problems with his second wife, he is in need of a third.  On the advice of the Ladies, Gwen is chosen to fulfill this role.  As a princess, Gwen always knew that she may be forced to marry so she accepts her fate.  But as a warrior, it is hard for Gwen to turn her back on the life she loves.  Especially when Arthur’s Roman customs keep her confined inside to only a few rooms of his castle.

With strong characters, an entertaining story and written in Lackey’s wonderful style, Gwenhwyfar is a fantastic read.

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