I, Robot by Isaac Asimov

This book is, was, and always will be awesome…in my humble opinion. Written in 1940, I, Robot was way ahead of its time. Don’t rely on the movie starring Will Smith (AKA the Fresh Prince), because the plot has virtually nothing in common with the novel.

The novel itself is written almost like a series of short stories, each tale taking place a few years later then the previous. All of the episodes are depicted as a remembrance by a “robopsychologist” being interviewed about the history of robots.

Each story centers on the latest advent in robot technology and the problems that advent inevitably creates for the human makers/users. Though endowed with positronic brains and programmed with the three laws of robotics, problems arise when programs and psychology malfunction.

Asimov was able to imagine problems that deal with religion, morality, judgment, and human (and robot) motivations for behaviour.

It’s an excellent read if you’re interested in sci-fi, psychology or classic reads!

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