Under the Net by Iris Murdoch

This is one of those books that I enjoyed reading immensely, but wasn’t always sure what was actually going on, or where things were going to. After a while, though, I figured it was enough just to sit back and enjoy the ride and take things as they came.  I still walked away from it... Continue Reading →

What I Was, by Meg Rosoff

This YA/adult crossover title follows the classic format of a great flashback: our narrator H is reflecting at the end of his life on his relationship with a fellow youth whom he met while attending a boarding school on the coast of England in the 1960’s. Finn, a boy repeatedly described by H as “almost... Continue Reading →

Decameron, by Boccaccio

‘Beginneth here the book called Decameron … wherein are contained one hundred novels told in ten days by seven ladies and three young men.’ Written between 1349 and 1351, Decameron is a collection of, not novels per se, but short stories, which taken together form a complete tale. Translated from the volgare – the vernacular... Continue Reading →

I, Robot by Isaac Asimov

This book is, was, and always will be awesome...in my humble opinion. Written in 1940, I, Robot was way ahead of its time. Don't rely on the movie starring Will Smith (AKA the Fresh Prince), because the plot has virtually nothing in common with the novel. The novel itself is written almost like a series... Continue Reading →

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