K.A. Applegate’s Everworld series came out around the time when she was writing the Animorphs series.  I was really into Animorphs and, at the time, wanted to read Everworld, but just never did.  I decided that there was no time like the present, and started reading all twelve books a few weeks ago.

Everworld tells the story of five teenagers who are pulled out of the real world into an alternate universe ruled by the Gods.  Back sometime in the past, the Gods from the major Earth mythologies (including Norse, Greek, Egyptian, African and Aztec) decided to create their own world, a world full of magic that obeys their rules.  Over the centuries, Everworld has attracted alien deities and their followers.  This has never been a problem until the arrival of the Hetwan and their god Ka Anor; Ka Anor eats other gods.  And now the gods are getting desperate.

One of the five teenagers, Senna Wales, is a witch.  But more than being a witch, Senna is a gateway: she can move people between Everworld and the Old World (Earth).  So Loki has sent his son, the wolf Fenris, to capture Senna from the Old World so he can use her to escape both Everworld and Ka Anor.  In the process, four other teenagers who are all connected to Senna in some way get pulled into Everworld along with the witch.

Everworld follows the adventures of the non-magical four, David, Christopher, April and Jalil, as they fight to survive in the magical, alternate universe the gods have created.  From escaping Loki and his children, encountering alien races, and fighting with the Greeks, Vikings and Knights of the Round Table, Everworld is a fantastic adventure that both fantasy-loving youth and adults can enjoy.

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