A Drowned Maiden’s Hair by Laura Schiltz

A Drowned Maiden’s Hair starts with Maud Flynn’s improbable adoption by the maiden Misses Hawthorne (Hyacinth, Judith and Victoria). She is told that she will be a ‘secret child’ but not given a reason; coddled with ice cream, books, and new clothes, Maud is not overly concerned. She also is enamored of Hyacinth Hawthorne, the... Continue Reading →

Ishmael, by Daniel Quinn

Ishmael is the kind of book that makes you think. It stays with you long after it’s finished, and has you pondering about the way you live your life. It has you questioning the authenticity of your own human perspective, and deliberating on how things came to be as they are. Can they feasibly stay... Continue Reading →

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