Sofie Metropolis, by Tori Carrington

If you’re desperately in search of a Janet Evanovich read-alike, then Tori Carrington is your girl… or man… or both! Carrington is the pen name for writing partners, Lori and Tony Karayianni, and although Sofie Metropolis can seem more like a read-the-same at times, it’s certainly worth taking a look at.

Born into a quintessentially Greek family, Sofie is a P.I. working for her Uncle Spyros. While most of her extended family members are involved with their own restaurants, Sophie chose a different direction. In this, the first in a series of four, Sofie finds herself on the chase for the mutt from hell; a potential vampire down the street; and a cheating spouse with complications.

The similarities between the authors are pretty obvious, such as Sofie’s career, which usually involves being in the middle of weird and wacky crime situations. Her mother is also a great cook and wishes her daughter could find a normal job. And, let’s not forget the drop-dead-gorgeous Ranger/Morelli-style character whose mystery and ultra-extreme “hottiness” can send instantaneous warmth to the do da regions with the flash of a smile. This time, though, he’s a tall, dark and handsome Aussie, with a killer accent as well.

While not laugh out loud material like the Plum series, Metropolis is sufficiently goofy and sexy to be good on the beach, for a lazy weekend, or an in-between read. It has enough energy and momentum to keep you entertained, and the right amount of intrigue to keep you guessing if she will, indeed, finally get her man.

And just as an aside, in case you haven’t heard yet – Janet Evanovich’s Smokin’ 17 is now available to have holds placed at The Thunder Bay Public Library.


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