You Had Me At Woof by Julie Klam

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry. Last weekend I read this book. I thought the dog on the cover was cute. It’s about one woman’s love affair with Boston Terriers. By the end of the book she has 4 dogs. It reminded me of my cousin Lyn and her pack of Boston Terriers.

In the beginning Julie was 30, single and looking for love. It came in the form of a little dog in a tuxedo. She named him Otto. Head had a bent tail, eyes that look in different directions and fatty lumps on his back. But Otto taught Julie all about love. Over the years her family expanded to include a husband and daughter and various canine friends. She joined a local Boston Terrier Rescue organization and became involved with fostering neglected and sometimes abused dogs.

It’s a heartwarming story any dog lover would enjoy. By the end of the book it had me thinking “Hmm. I’ve never had a Boston Terrier”. But don’t get any ideas cousin Lyn.

This title is available as an electronic book. If you prefer a print version we can borrow it through our Interlibrary Loan system.

Enjoy. Karen

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