Bambi by Felix Salten.

This is my final entry in this blog. I am retiring shortly and to quote myself “I’m as excited as a little pig”.

I thought I’d end it with my favourite book – Bambi. Years ago I applied for a job in the Victoriaville branch of the library. During the interview I was asked what my favourite book was. I quickly blurted out “Bambi…or maybe Gone With The Wind”. I always wondered how that was perceived. Oh by the way…I didn’t get the job.

Anyway…yep, my favourite book has to be Bambi. It has been described as combining innocence, realism and a profound respect for nature. It has something for everyone – friendship, parental relationships and sadly, bereavement.

Born in the thicket we follow him from a spindly legged fawn to a strong buck. Like most children Bambi is filled with questions and blanketed in his mother’s love. He is in awe of the universe around him, even a butterfly becomes a great adventure. The original Bambi is definitely not the Disney version. A squirrel is killed by a ferret, a pheasant is killed by a fox. Winter comes and life is a struggle for survival.

But, I’ve always enjoyed the story and it’s probably the source behind my fondness for deer today. If you’ve never read the book or haven’t read it since you were a child, now’s the time to give it a try.

Anyway…here’s to Bambi and my final blog entry. And here’s to you, the reader of this blog.

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