Into the Wild

The story of Chris McCandless will captivate you, intrigue      you and at times infuriate you.  Jon Krakauer’s Into the Wild is a non-fiction book that tells the tale of 22 year old Chris McCandless, a young man who gave up all of his possessions and savings after graduating college to begin his journey of hitchhiking across the US on his way to Alaska.  Under the alias “Alexander Supertramp”, McCandless’s goal is to live off the land in Alaska and get away from everything and everyone.  This story does not end well for Mccandless; I’m not going to spoil the story by telling you that McCandless’s emaciated body was found months after reaching Alaska (you as the reader will find out this fact in the opening pages of the book or on the back cover).  Krakauer pieces together McCandless’s story through interviews with individuals McCandless met on his way to the north as well McCandless’s own journal.  While reading this tale, you will be both inspired and frustrated by McCandless’s actions.  One can only admire McCandless while reading about all the lives he touched on the way to Alaska and you can only shake your head in bewilderment at his ignorance, unpreparedness of his surroundings and lack of thought towards his parents.  After reading the book the movie followed shortly after with Sean Penn as the director.  Some people love the movie, some people hate the movie (as with all movies).  I personally like the movie.   I find the movie as a great accompaniment to the novel, with great visuals and an amazing soundtrack.  Actually, the soundtrack is right good.  Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam) is the artistic force and vocals behind the soundtrack.  I really enjoy Jon Krackauer’s writing and have no issues whatsoever with recommending this book as Krakauer investigates the 2 years of McCandless’s life and events leading up to his death.  PS. If you end up not liking it, just blame Daylight Savings, I blame it on everything.

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