The Christmas Cookie Club by Ann Pearlman

I’ve been struggling to read Anthill by Edward O. Wilson. It was recommended by Joan Rivers in a magazine I was reading. I think Joan enjoyed it a whole lot more than me. I thought the whole book was about ants, but it isn’t. However, the parts about the ant colony were pretty fascinating. It’s hard to get a good book about ants. Anyway…I noticed The Christmas Cookie Club on display downstairs at Brodie and thought – hmm, it *is* less than 4 months till Christmas. What a welcome reprieve from Anthill. Chick Lit and Christmas baking, it doesn’t get much better than that. It is so my kind of book.  It’s the tale of a twelve Michigan women who meet each December to drink wine, talk and exchange cookies. Members come and go and new ones are referred to as Cookie Virgins. Each person brings 13 dozen cookies, one dozen for each member and one to donate to charity. The story is told by Marnie, she’s the host of this year’s exchange. She tells you about each member. At the start of each chapter there is a recipe for the cookie that that particular woman brought to the exchange.  By recipe number one I was hooked and had a strange desire to go home and bake. Then I remembered it was 31 degrees Celsius (40 with the humidex). That was it for my desire to bake, too bad since it doesn’t happen often. It starts with a great description of winter in the Midwest. I could relate to the effects that the lack of daylight has on a person. I found quote a few passages that I really enjoyed and they’re going into my book of quotes.

Anyway…if you find you can’t take the heat these days, try reading this wintry tale. It promises to cool you off, yet heat up your tastebuds.


Oh, I didn’t give up on Anthill. It did get pretty exciting, but I can’t say I’d recommend it.


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  1. Thanks for reviewing my book! I discovered your review through an alert on Pinterest. And it was so much fun for me to read. I’m glad you enjoyed it and it kept you cool! I’m going to post it on FB and Twitter…. Have a great day and stay cool when it’s hot and hot when it’s cold.


    1. Dear Ann,
      Thanks so much for finding us. We were thrilled you liked the review. Would you be interested in doing an author interview? We’ve been really fortunate to have interviewed a number of authors for our readers, both local and international. The process is painless, as we simply email a series of 10ish questions for you to reply to. Prior to the interview being published we normally review another title by that author for our local newspaper and then add that to the blog, with twitter/fb promotion;then when the interview is published in the blog we do more twitter and fb promotion. I hope you consider it.
      Sending happy thoughts and good wishes, Lori

      1. For some reason I just got this today!! again through Pinterest! Here’s another email for me

        Yes, I would love to do an author interview… Please tell me where you are. Also The Christmas Cookie Club is the first of a three book series: A Gift for my Sister and The Lottery are the next two books in the series.

        Looking forward to your email– hope it’s not too late for the interview.


      2. How did I get this??? “You can’t turn back the clock kid, but you can wind it up again” Cars3

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