The Goods that is Joe Hill

If you have yet to read any of Joe Hill’s works you are definitely missing out.  I have read two of his books recently and have been thoroughly impressed.  Hill is an award winning storyteller and his thrilling works feature elements of suspense, horror and the macabre.  His latest release Horns is truly unique as... Continue Reading →

Into the Wild

The story of Chris McCandless will captivate you, intrigue      you and at times infuriate you.  Jon Krakauer’s Into the Wild is a non-fiction book that tells the tale of 22 year old Chris McCandless, a young man who gave up all of his possessions and savings after graduating college to begin his journey of hitchhiking... Continue Reading →

Alice or Alyss?

With the new Alice in Wonderland movie's massive popularity, I started thinking about the Alice take-offs that have come out recently.  Before this new version we all enjoyed the Disney's Alice in Wonderland, but beyond that I'm not sure anyone gave Alice much thought.  However, whether you prefer books or film, here are two rather... Continue Reading →

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