The Wife’s Tale

The author of The Girls has a new book – The Wife’s Tale. What would you do if your husband disappeared on the eve of your 25th wedding anniversary? If you’re Mary Gooch you would set out on a journey to find him and end up finding yourself.  At 43 years of age and 300 plus pounds Mary finds herself “so gilded with fat that hardly a bone from her skeleton could insinuate itself in her reflection”. Food is a comfort to Mary, who is a secret and obsessive eater. Life altering events for her are measured in pounds – a father’s death adds 10, a miscarriage adds 20. I think I can understand how she copes with grief. Her journey to find her husband takes her out of her comfort zone from her home in a Southern Ontario town to Toronto and then onto her mother- in- laws home in Los Angeles.  What follows is an amazing journey as she makes new friends, rekindles old relationships and becomes a whole new Mary. I really liked this book. It even had references to the girls and their hometown.  Enjoy.

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