Whiter Than Snow

Guess what? There’s a new Sandra Dallas book and there are no holds on it. Her latest book “Whiter than snow” just came out at the end of March. The book opens on April 20, 1920 in the small mining town of Swandyke, Colorado. In seconds life is changed for the families of Swandyke when an avalanche hurtles down the Jubilee Mountain covering everything in its path, including 9 children on their way home from school. Not all of them will survive. As the residents gather together in a rescue operation, the tales of the families whose children are missing is told. Joe Cobb, the only Black man in Swandyke is one of the first people to dig. His love for his daughter Jane has brought him to Colorado, after fleeing from Alabama. Sisters Lucy and Dolly Patch have been estranged for years due to a betrayal. Now they are united in the quest to find their children. Civil War veteran Minder Evans searches for his grandson, whom he is raising.  Local prostitute Essie Snowball has deep secrets that rise to the surface. No one knew she had a child, until now. And the mine manager’s wife, Grace Foote opens her home and her heart to all who are suffering. It’s a novel about survival, family and forgiveness. And about learning to accept people regardless what colour their skin is. Enjoy.

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