The Girl Who Chased The Moon

Last June I wrote a blog entry about Sarah Addison Allen’s new book “The Sugar Queen”. Now hot off the press is her latest book, “The Girl Who Chased The Moon”. Like her previous books this one has magical elements that attract me. Seventeen year old Emily Benedict visits the small Southern town of Mullaby, North Carolina hoping to find answers such as why her mother Dulcie left town at an early age and never returned. Emily moves into her mother’s childhood home with her larger than life grandfather, Vance Shelby. When she first meets her grandfather he has to duck through an archway to avoid hitting his head – “He was fantastically tall and walked with a rigid gait, his legs like stilts”. A man of few words, her grandfather does not want to talk about Dulcie.  Then Emily soon discovers that several town folk still dislike Dulcie for dumping an old boyfriend and the aftermath that followed. Meanwhile she discovers there are funny things going on in her grandfather’s house. The bedroom wallpaper has the ability to actually change itself, missing items suddenly reappear and then there’s the mysterious lights that flicker and dance in the backyard. There’s even a legend about the Mullaby Lights. Are they ghosts? And why does her grandfather keep checking the clothes dryer. What is he looking for? It’s probably not a missing sock. Ha ha. I enjoyed this book and it’s a quick read. I look forward the next novel by this author. She’s becoming one of my favourites. Enjoy.

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