The Cross Gardener by Jason Wright

A friend of mine suggested I read “The Cross Gardener” by Jason Wright. Boy does she know my reading taste. I’m a huge fan of “The Five People You Meet In Heaven” by Mitch Albom and “Elsewhere” by Gabrielle Zevin. When I finished this new book I think I enjoyed it even more. I started it on my lunch hour, continued in the bathtub that evening, went to bed early, awoke at 11:30 p.m. and finished it at 1:30 a.m. I was blown away by it. I thought of people who should read it. I laid there thinking – how would I even begin to do a blog entry for it. After I fell asleep I even dreamed about writing a blog entry. FOX news host describes this book as “Passionate, spiritual and thought-provoking”. Thus explains why you shouldn’t read it in the middle of the night, if you’re hoping to sleep. Orphaned at birth John Bevan is later adopted by the owner of an apple orchard, where he is raised with two adopted older brothers. After marrying his high school sweetheart and having a young daughter he thinks life is complete when his wife is expecting a second child. At last he has the family he always wanted. In a moment his life is changed when his wife and unborn child are taken in a car accident. Like his father before him John erects two white crosses at the scene of the accident. Life is black for him and he withdraws from it and visits the crosses daily. One day he encounters a young man touching up the crosses with a new coat of paint. Thus begins his relationship with the man he calls the Cross Gardener. They develop a friendship and have conversations about why we die and how. The Cross Gardener teaches John that our departed loved ones are not as far away as we think.  John learns an important lesson – no one ever dies alone. This book brings a comforting message to anyone who has ever been distressed that their loved one was alone when they died. It’s a wonderful book and brings a message of hope to anyone who has ever grieved.

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