Time to Swtich it Up

Of all my blog entries I have only mentioned the books which I have enjoyed.  However, in this blog entry I really want to mention graphic novels….actually a specific graphic novel.  More and more graphic novels are becoming recognized as mainstream forms of literature and not just comic books for children.  In fact, many of today’s popular movies have been adapted from graphic novels (sometimes adapted very well and sometimes adapted very badly).  What I love about a great many graphic novels is that they cater to all age groups.  There are both fictional and non-fictional graphic novels to choose from covering all genre categories.  I tend to forego the graphic novels designed for teens and young adults and favour adult oriented stories.  One such book, as well as one of my personal favourites works of literature, is titled “the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” by Alan Moore.  This is actually an example of movie adapted from a graphic novel quite badly (actually I couldn’t even finish watching the movie).  Moore bases his story in Victorian era England with lead characters that you might already be familiar with.  Leaders of England, fearing an uprising from an agency considered harmful to the values of the “civilized man”, bring together a group of individuals to create a type of team to combat this threat.  The group consists of: Alan Quartermain, Nina Harker (Bram Stoker’s Dracula), the Invisible Man, Dr. Jeykll & Mr. Hyde and Captain Nemo.  I won’t give away the villain of the novel, but I will confirm that you probably have heard of this person.  Moore tells an excellent story and artist Kevin O’Neill does a superb job backing that story up.  If you do try this out and end up wanting more, volume 2 is also available from the library and Alan Moore has plenty other titles out there.  I know that there is a certain stigma attached to graphic novels, but you are missing out on wonderful works of literature and art if you bypass these items because they are considered for children.  Trust me, they are for everyone. Peace!!!!

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