One For The Money

It’s January in Thunder Bay. Life doesn’t get much more cheery than that. I should appreciate the lack of cold weather and the beautiful sunsets lately, but still…it’s January. The sky is grey and we need some colour in our lives. For those of you who wouldn’t know Janet Evanovich if you stepped on her, she might be just what you need to colour your world. I think it was five summers ago that I first met Stephanie Plum. I had tried to read “One for the money”, but quickly gave up. I don’t enjoy mystery novels, not at all.  But a co-worker said she couldn’t believe I didn’t like Evanovich’s writing. So…I tried again. And I was hooked. I read every book in the series, one after the other. Now, I ravenously finish each new novel and sit and wait for the next one.

The first novel finds Stephanie recently laid off and living in Trenton, New Jersey mourning her repossessed Miata and living with her hamster Rex. She’s desperate for money and convinces her cousin Vinnie to hire her. Vinnie runs a bail bond business and Stephanie’s first job as a bounty hunter is to look for vice cop Joe Morelli who’s accused of shooting an unarmed man. Stephanie and Joe go way back. They grew up together in “the Burg” and at the age of 16 she lost her virginity to him in a local bakery. Now he’s back in her life again. Follow the hilarious antics as she tries to take him down and bring him in.  Add in characters such as her wacky Grandma Mazur. She lives with Stephanie’s parents, has a penchant for guns and likes nothing better than to go to a viewing at a funeral home. Then there’s Ranger. Now he’s a bounty hunter!! And where Stephanie is concerned…a booty hunter. Thus begins the Joe/Stephanie/Ranger triangle that is the heart of each novel. If you don’t believe me, Google “Ranger or Joe”, you’ll find it’s a hot topic. And I do mean hot. You can also Google “Who should play Joe Morelli”.  I’m not sure, but I definitely see Sandra Bullock as Stephanie.  So…if you’ve got the winter blahs and are in need of a good book, try “One for the money”. Then see if you don’t want to read the entire series. I’m betting you will. In fact…I’m Plum certain.  And should you become a die hard fan check out the author’s website at There’s info. on the novels and biographies of all the characters involved, including two of my favourites, Lula a former prostitute/file clerk/bounty hunter and Joe Morelli’s companion, Bob the dog. Lula is larger than life and loves to eat. There’s always a fun time when she’s involved.  Enjoy!

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