An Echo In The Bone by Diana Gabaldon

When you start off the New Year reading an 814 page book, you know the year just has to get better. It’s been a 4 year wait but number 7 in  Diana Gabaldon’s Outland series is out. I just finished reading “An Echo in the bone”. Whew! It is not a quick read. There were times I almost gave up, but I’ve read all the books in the series, so I perservered. There are multiple storylines in it and at times it was a little hard to follow. It features my favourite characters Jamie and Claire. You can see how time is passing for them. I enjoyed the part where they both had to get glasses. But they are as much in love as ever, and dare I say it – still randy.  Roger and Briana are also featured in one of the story lines. Ian and his faithful dog Rollo are in another story line. Then there’s the William and Lord John storyline. That one doesn’t interest me as much. But…it’s always nice to feel like you’re catching up with old friends. I think Diana Gabaldon fans will enjoy, but don’t expect to have much of a life while you’re trying to get through 814 pages. Enjoy!

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