Lime Tree Can’t Bear Orange

Lime Tree Can’t Bear Orange is the debut novel of Trinidad born author Amanda Smyth. It was published in England under the title, Black Rock. My first reaction reading this novel was that I love all the descriptive writing. Judging by the reviews I read in I’m not alone. One review describes it as... Continue Reading →

One For The Money

It’s January in Thunder Bay. Life doesn’t get much more cheery than that. I should appreciate the lack of cold weather and the beautiful sunsets lately, but’s January. The sky is grey and we need some colour in our lives. For those of you who wouldn’t know Janet Evanovich if you stepped on her,... Continue Reading →

John Wyndham is the Man!

Instead of focusing solely on newer type fiction, I have recently begun to go back and read through books that a majority of people were required to read for school.  For some unknown reason, I have never had to read, or in some cases even heard of these titles (see what happens when skip school... Continue Reading →

New Year’s with a View

At the beginning of each year, I always pull out a old favourite book; it's like greeting the new year with an old friend. This year I picked up E.M. Forster's  A Room with a View. The story begins in Italy when Lucy Honeychurch is beginning the grand tour with her spinister cousin, Charlotte.  The... Continue Reading →

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