The Christmas Secret

In a recent Library Detective column I talked about The Christmas Shoes by Donna VanLiere. I’ve just finished reading her latest book. It’s another heartwarming tale, just in time for Christmas. There’s a great cast of characters and I was fascinated by how closely they are intertwined.  Angela, a single Mom is struggling to make ends meet. Meanwhile, her bitter ex husband, who refuses to pay child support, is seeking custody of their children.  Everything seems to be going wrong for her as she loses her job, is threatened with eviction and then has the Christmas gifts for her children stolen from her car. Jason, an out of work accountant comes to town to work at his Grandfather’s department store, while searching for a new job. When Angela saves the life of an elderly woman, a chain of events starts that will connect Angela and Jason. In the end the storylines for the various characters wrap up so nicely. It’s just like a perfectly wrapped Christmas present. When you get towards the end, you may want to keep the Kleenex box handy, perhaps one of the ones in the nice Christmas packaging. Enjoy. KarenPiglet

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