A Little Bit of Scottish Mystery

Death of a Gossip

If you feel like a fast, enjoyable read to pass the time then I would love to recommend M.C. Beaton and her Hamish MacBeth mystery novels.  Set in Northern Scotland in the small village of Lochdubh, our hero and main character Hamish MacBeth is the lone police constable responsible for upholding the law in and around the surrounding area.  In Beaton’s first MacBeth novel “Death of a Gossip”, readers are first introduced to Hamish and the other supporting characters that reside in Lochdubh.  It seems that as Hamish attempts to perform his rounds in peace and quiet, there always seems to be puzzling case of murder that needs solving (a la Murder She Wrote).  As Hamish attempts to unravel each murder and get back to his much wanted uneventful daily routine he can often be found to rely upon the various townspeople of Lochdubh for guidance and assistance.  If you’re lucky you might also come across a BBC Scotland produced television show titled “Hamish MacBeth” as you channel surf.  This television production is loosely based on Beaton’s novels and adapted for the small screen.  Beaton now has 25 Hamish MacBeth novels out in circulation with a 26th installment currently on order at the Thunder Bay Public Library.  Like I stated before, these novels are quick reads and tell the ongoing story of Hamish MacBeth, the village of Lochdubh and Scotland itself.  Good Times.

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