Such a pretty fat

Such a pretty fatNow this was fun to read. I can’t think of anything better to do on a dull rainy weekend. Well…maybe a few things. This was my third Jen Lancaster book and I highly recommend it.  This is what author Jennifer Cobourn has to say about this author “Jen Lancaster is like David Sedaris with pearls and a super-cute handbag”. I enjoyed her other books, but this one may be my favourite.This time Jen takes on weight loss with her usual sense of humour.  She  sets out to write a book that follows her as she attempts  to lose weight and get fit.  What follows is a hilarious account of her encounters with Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers and her local gym. I could relate to some of her thoughts on food (i.e.) a key lime martini counts as part of your daily intake of fruit. Makes sense to me. You’ll laugh with her as she goes from scale to scale convinced that they are all out of whack. She thinks she may be 50 pounds overweight only to find she’s actually 100. And once she joins a gym the fun begins and it all starts with her personal instructor Barbie. You’ll cheer her little triumphs and commiserate with her setbacks.  It’s a tasty, calorie free read. But it might leave you craving more. More Jen Lancaster books that is. Enjoy! karenpiglet

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