Ole Agent Pendergast

Cabinet of Curiosities Awhile ago a coworker had recommended the authors Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child to me, especially the books featuring Agent Pendergast.  After reading the first book in the Pendergast series, I began my journey through the entire Pendergast series, as well as all other co-authored works and all individual works (which, by the way are very good).  These two gentlemen are fantastic suspense writers.  Actually, suspense can’t really cut it since they incorporate numerous other genres into their writing.  The Pendergast series begins with the book Relic.  As mysterious murders are committed within the New York Museum of Natural History, a museum researcher, reporter and New York City detective attempt to solve these crimes before the museum opens a very important exhibit.  This is where readers are first introduced to Aloysius Pendergast, an extremely eccentric FBI agent who is taking a very keen interest in these crimes that defy explanation.  The writing is fast paced, while combining the macabre, supernatural and scientific fact.  Most of these books are stand alone stories and it doesn’t hurt to read them in order (read order can be located on their official website http://www.prestonchild.com).  However, as the series progresses, Preston and Child begin to grant readers hints to an underlying, complex story line that unfolds throughout the last few books of the series (it should noted that the series is not yet finished).  What is also interesting is the fact many characters from both Prestons and Childs co-authored titles and individual works make appearances throughout the Pengergast series.  Even though I am a fan of all the books in the series, one book stands out for me a little more than the rest, The Cabinet of Curiosities.  This tale features Pendergast attempting to uncover the truth concerning 36 bodies recently unearthed by construction in New York City.  As the bodies are revealed to be from generations gone by, they still hold ramifications to the present day.  Right Deadly!

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