A Morbid taste for Bones (The Mysteries of Brother Cadfael)

bonesSet during the English Civil War of 1135 to 1154, Ellis Peter’s crafted a wonderful series of mysteries centering upon a former crusader turned Benedictine monk,  Brother Cadfael. Using his knowledge of the natural world and his wisdom of human nature, Cadfael is able to ferret out the truth and solve the mystery in the most twisted of circumstances.  In the twenty books of the series, readers will learn much about the middle ages and be surprised that despite 1000 years, the motives for murder haven’t changed. The first book in the series, ” A Morbid Taste for Bones” follows the tale of Cadfael (who is Welsh) and a group of monks from the abbey journeying to a small Welsh village to claim the bones of St. Winifred and bring them back to Shrewsbury. The inhabitants of the village are not pleased to lose their saint, so when the chief Welsh protestor turns up dead, it becomes Cadfael’s job to solve the murder and find St. Winifred the most appropriate resting place.

The novels are full of dry wit, clever twists, and a touch of romance and will be a favourite of anyone who enjoys a great read.

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