Batman: Knightfall

It’Broken Bats been almost a year since I read it, but Batman: Knightfall remains one of my favourite graphic novels.  Knightfall Part 1 tells the story of a burnt-out Batman, who is in desperate need of a rest.  Unfortunately for him, an unknown enemy has just released all of the villians from Arkham Assylum and it’s up to Batman to round them all up again.  He’s barely able to defeat even the weakest villian, and every fight leaves Batman in worse shape than he was before.  Part 1 ends on who rules the nightan unbelievable note when Batman finally faces the enemy who put him through this.  Knightfall Part 2 begins with everyone trying to pick up the pieces in the aftermath of Part 2’s battle, and Part 3 concludes the story.  I found Parts 2 and 3 alright, but nothing could compare to Knightfall Part 1: Broken Bat.  This is a dark, amazing tale, unlike anything you’ve ever read before about the Dark Knight.

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