One for the Money or a trip to “the burg”.

oneDo the names Joe Morelli, Ranger, Lula or Grandma Mazur mean anything to you? If so, you have fallen under the spell of  Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series. For the uninitiated, welcome to “the burg”. The “burg” is the Chambersburg part of  Trenton, New Jersey; home to  Stephanie Plum former lingerie buyer turned bounty hunter. Each book is part mystery, part comedy, part chick lit; there is a little something for everyone. The joy of each book is not just solving a mystery but spending time with the characters, ranging  from Stephanie’s most of the time boyfriend,and all of the time hunk, cop Joe Morelli, to Ranger, the tall, dark and handsome security specialist who pops in and out of Stephanie’s life.  Lula, a former call girl with a love of spandex is Stephanie’s on and off again partner in work and copious amounts of junk food.  Stephanie’s Grandma Mazur is part nutty and part attitude, but guaranteed to make you laugh. No trip to the “burg” is complete without an appearance by Rex the hamster and Stephanie blowing up another car.

The first book in the series is entitled “One for the Money” and explains how Stephanie became a bond agent working for her cousin Vinnie.  Her first case is involves a dangerous criminal known for his brutality to women and his obsession with Stephanie. So grab some chicken at “Cluck in a Bucket” and settle in for a great read.

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