87th Precinct Novels by Ed McBain

Cop Hater The 87th Precinct novels, set in the fictional city Isola (much resembling New York City), is a fantastic look into the true nature of police procedure and protocols (in the United States).  McBain provides readers with gritty and realistic stories centered around a key group of detectives working out of the precinct.  McBain’s first 87th Precinct novel, titled Cop Hater, was published in 1956, well before the advent of DNA and CSI crime solving to assist with unraveling the crime.  Unfortunately, Ed McBain, who real name is Evan Hunter (check out the many titles penned under his real name) passed away in 2005 to cancer of the larynx.  However, he continued to write 87th Precinct novels up until his death (most recent is Fiddlers, published in 2005).  Much like my favourite Spencer novels, my favourite Mcbain 87th Precinct novels are his earlier stories where you are introduced to the central characters.  With each novel’s progression, the reader can also follow the development of the characters, both in their work and personal lives.  This author was suggested to me about ten years ago and after reading my first Ed McBain (even the name is cool) novel, I quickly exhausted all titles that the library possessed as well as titles purchased through the adventures of navigating yard sales.  For those of you that love crime fiction, Ed McBain is definitely right for you.  Just typing this, I think it’s about right time I start the series again.  Summer, Margaritas and a good McBain yarn.  What more can you ask for?

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