The Van by Roddy Doyle

The-Van This is the third book in a triology by Irish author Roddy Doyle. It follows The Commitments and The Snapper (in case you want to read them in order). It’s probably my favourite one of the three.  Jimmy Rabbitte Sr. is at a loss when he loses his job. To fill his time he joins the library and babysits his granddaughter Gina. When his friend Bimbo loses his job they start on a new career path. Bimbo buys a rusty old chip van and they go into business selling fish and chips. They aren’t certified by the Health Department and are always trying to keep one step ahead of them. One of my favourite parts was when they accidently deep fried a diaper and served it to a customer. After a while business drops off (maybe the diaper had a little to do with it) and their friendship is tested. It’s a fun read and a great way to spend a summer day, perhaps while you’re eating a plate of fish and chips. Karen

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