Liberty: a Lake Woebegon novel by Garrison Keillor

libertyI’ve been a fan of Garrison Keillor and his radio show A Prairie Home Companion for years. I even have a mug from the Chatterbox Cafe (hmm – wonder if there was a message in that). I also enjoy reading his novels about Lake Woebegon. The characters are so vivid and the town reminds me a little of Mitford, in the Jan Karon novels. For six years Clint Bunsen has been in charge of the Fourth of July parade. He’s taken it from a parade of pickup trucks and girls pushing cats in baby carriages, to marching bands, cannons and a fireworks display. But this year Clint could be in for even more fireworks. He’s been voted off the planning committee and his 60 something hormones are lusting after the young woman who plays the Statue of Liberty. To complicate things this year CNN is coming and so is  the Governor of Minnesota. It all leads up to the madcap parade. It was a fun book to read. I’m sure Garrison Keillor fans will enjoy it, and you might too. karen

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