Ladder Of Years by Anne Tyler.

ladderThis is one of my favourite books and one I still recommend to people. Delia Grinstead is 40 and has a husband and 3 children, all of whom seem to take her for granted. As well she is trying to cope with the recent death of her father. While on summer vacation she takes a walk down the beach and just keeps on going. She ends up in a new town, finds a room and a job taking care of a 12 year old boy whose mother has left home. Delia  starts a whole new chapter of her life. But eventually her new life starts to feel like her old one. Will she stay with this life or go back to her old one. You’ll have to read it to find out. As to the term “ladder of years”, this was one of my favourite concepts in the book and one I refer to time and time again. She compared life to a ladder that we are gradually climbing.  As we climb there are people above us and there are always people coming up below us. A family reunion last year made me realize once again where I fit in on the ladder and that there is only 1 person between my generation and the top of the ladder. And there is more than 1 generation coming up the ladder below me. Karen

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  1. I just finished reading this book and enjoyed it, too. It’s one of those stories I found I could relate to being of similar age and of similar situation to the main character. It certainly was food for thought and I would recommend it to anyone who is feeling, maybe, taken for granted, or who is unknowingly taking life for granted themselves.

    Thanks Karen!

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