Family Blessings by Fern Micheals

I love this Author; I find that her characters are real, it seems like you are witnessing the story rather than reading it, The New York Times tells us that this novel will delight and inspire readers this and every holiday season.

In this book, Loretta Cisco and the small town of Larkspur in Pennsylvania’s Allegheny Mountains are devastated by a freak tornado right before Thanksgiving.  The home that Cisco has been in for 50 years has just been leveled.BLESSINGS

Loretta Cisco is the founder and recently retired CEO of Cisco Candies, also has a live-in companion, as well as partner Ezra Danford.

“Cisco” which she called by her family, has triplet grandchildren and does not realize there is more bad news coming.  They are all having marital problems, Sam’s wife has left him and Sara and Hannah believe their husbands are having affairs.

Cisco Candies was once located in New York, Loretta moved the company to Larkspur to provide employment for so many of the people in town. The citizens of Larkspur come together and help Cisco rebuild her home in time for Christmas where she vows that a miracle will happen this Christmas to hold her family together.

Fern Michaels uses emotional bonds between family members, passions that bring men and women together where they celebrate love, family and forgiveness.

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