Lords of Two Lands

horusLet me introduce you to one of my favorite series and themes.

Lords of the Two Lands trilogy (1998 -2000) by Pauline Gedge

  • The Hippopotamus Marsh: Lords of the Two Lands, Volume One
  • The Oasis: Lords of the Two Lands, Volume Two
  • The Horus Road: Lords of the Two Lands, Volume Three

A chronicle of seventeenth century Egypt, this well written trilogy is also a family saga. Memorable characters and authentic details enhance the suspenseful actions of these Egyptian princes. Gedge, a Canadian author, in her words tries to “imagine in scenes rather than words, that is, I imagine my senses engaging in a scene before I translate into words what my ears, eyes, nostrils, tongue tell me. Perhaps that’s why I’m known for vivid detail.” She also develops strong female characters especially in the third book of the trilogy where the remarkable women of the Tao family maintain order and prepare for peace, revealing a genius for designing and administering governmental systems that will help guide Egypt into prosperity.
Let this trilogy lead you into the fascinating tomes of the past, where you will discover other great Egyptian series such as Christian Jacq’s Stone of Light series and Wilbur Smith’s Ancient Egypt series. Enjoy!

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